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The Expanding Salesforce Ecosystem & Cloud ERP: Part 2

The Growth of Salesforce

One of the best-known cloud ecosystems is Salesforce. Salesforce Inc. is a global cloud computing company originally known for its CRM product. Forbes magazine ranked it the most innovative company in America every year since 2011 and Fortune ranked it 19th in their 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2013.

Salesforce expanded its offerings from just CRM to become a popular cloud platform and, in the process, has become the envy of many other companies. Salesforce’s cloud platform has grown to support nearly every part of a business, from sales to manufacturing. In fact, the Salesforce ecosystem has become a kind of industry in and of itself; software developers are constantly creating new apps for the platform to expand the reach of the platform and add to their customers’ experience.

How fast has Salesforce grown? They have experienced a 68 percent growth in their Partner Program, an 82 percent year-over-year growth in joint Salesforce/Partner revenue, 71 percent of their customers have installed at least one app, and 23 percent of their customers have installed five or more apps on the platform, a 400 percent increase over five years.

As Salesforce has grown, so has the number of consultants, specialists and developers, creating in essence a cloud ecosystem based solely on the Salesforce platform. This ecosystem continues to grow as more and more developers build apps on the platform, making Salesforce even more appealing to other developers. The growth of the Salesforce ecosystem feeds itself!

As many companies are looking to move their systems to the cloud, they also want cloud-based software that can be easily integrated with other apps. Third-party applications that share the same platform are usually easy to manage and integrate; they provide end users with a consistent interface and experience, according to Gartner. Salesforce has a huge lead over its competitors when it comes to ecosystem and platform maturity, as it clearly has the most applications, customers, revenue and advanced features, making it the clear market leader, said Gartner.

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