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Rootstock’s Growing Partner Network

At Rootstock, we’re serious about supporting manufacturers who compete on a global scale. Not only does our Cloud ERP provide an ideal manufacturing ERP solution for international firms with global supply chains, but also our partner network continues to expand around the world as well, adding even more technology, sales and service for our customers.

Rootstock partners only with best-of-breed companies around the world that add real value to our Cloud ERP solutions. Our partners in North America, Europe and Australia build apps to extend our Cloud ERP solutions, provide support and implementation services, and sells our solutions in regions all around the world. As more firms see the value of our Cloud ERP solution, our partner network has also grown, especially in Europe.

Partners in Europe

Our most important partner is Vanenburg Software in the Netherlands. Vanenburg was founded by Jan Baan, an internationally recognized leader who played a key role in creating the worldwide market for ERP software. Vanenburg is an independent software and services organization that delivers process-centric solutions and apps developed on Open techniques that allow organizations to continuously improve their business operations. As a premier Channel Partner of Rootstock Software, Vanenburg represents Rootstock’s cloud-based ERP solutions for manufacturers and distributors in Europe and offers full service and support for European customers.

Balanced Force is another Rootstock partner based in the Netherlands. Balanced Force provides, supports and deploys cloud-based ERP and additional apps to the client order-driven manufacturing, projects and service industry (projects/engineer/configure/assemble/make to order/services). Balanced Force offers solutions with more value at a lower cost over the entire life cycle. Combining state-of-the-art technology, the latest software concepts, project management and years of experience with ERP implementations in this market, Balanced Force represents a solid partner for now and in the future.

ICT Group is a leading Dutch Technology solutions provider, with more than 900 professionals in a broad range of industries from Water/Infrastructure, Food/Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals and Energy to Logistics. Founded in 1978 and listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, ICT Transport & Logistics provides smart IT solutions for logistics and supply chain management. They ensure that your logistics IT systems work together smoothly with other internal and external systems. ICT Group’s deep domain knowledge and extensive industry experience ensure a strong focus on making your current logistics processes more efficient.

Optingo is our implementation partner for Poland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Optingo’s experts specialize in combining the business critical functionality that you need today with the market trends you will depend on tomorrow into a robust, innovative ERP solution that will help speed your organization’s journey into the digitally focused marketplace.

Smart Production Solutions is a Rootstock partner based in the Netherlands that specializes in implementation, consulting, project management and support. They support customers through the combination of their knowledge, experience of the production industry and software solutions. Smart Production Solutions believes that business software should be as user friendly as possible.

Arcta Group is another implementation and support partner covering Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Arcta Group believes that the achievement of business goals depends heavily on the correct alignment between business and IT. Their years of experience with ERP implementations and use of a tight project approach gives them a unique understanding of both the business and IT side. Arcta Group’s mission is to help organizations achieve increased returns through more simplicity.

One of our newest partners is coServe Solutions, headquartered in The Netherlands with a Solution Delivery Center in Hyderabad, India. coServe Solutions extends our partner coverage into Malaysia and Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan (SAARC), the Middle-East and Africa. They operate full service lines of AMS, upgrades, custom development solutions, business consulting, and implementation and training services. But the real strength of coServe is its people. With a combined experience of more than 120 person-years of experience in Baan ERP development and implementation, coServe consultants are among the most sought after and highly trusted by customers around the world.

Partners in North America

Our growing Rootstock ecosystem includes best-of-breed partners in North America and Australia/New Zealand.

In North America, Badal Solutions is a consultancy helping engineer-to-order and project-based manufacturing companies select and implement the right cloud business solutions. BT Partners is a technology-based business consulting services company with 30 years of helping small to mid-sized businesses implement: ERP business software; performance management tools; network and infrastructure assessments; web and application development; and related project management services. Most recently, BigBang ERP joined the Rootstock partner network. They are located in located in Montreal, Canada and focus on helping their clients fully leverage the advantage of cloud-based CRM and ERP solutions while providing a number of related services, including implementations, data migration, customization and training.

Rootstock is dedicated to providing cloud ERP solutions to manufacturers all over the world and we plan on announcing formalized relationships with other leading partners in other areas of the world in the very near future. Our growing partner network ensures that our customers get only the best-of-breed in technology, sales and service, wherever they operate.

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