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Post-Dreamforce Comments – “Get Ready for a Ride!”

We hope that your Dreamforce visit was as successful and meaningful as ours. Rootstock CEO Pat Garrehy came away with the following thoughts.

It was a great Dreamforce! Within the past twelve months, the market has validated that Cloud ERP for Manufacturing and Distribution is the future and this Dreamforce, compared to prior ones, was just one more confirmation. This is much different than when we exhibited at Dreamforce in 2011 and 2012, when no one even thought about Cloud ERP on the Salesforce platform.

dreamforce-1While at Dreamforce, we had meetings with a number of large companies that had mild to sincere interest in Rootstock because they are considering Cloud solutions. Many of these big corporations are just getting themselves educated as to that which is out there. This is very much like 1992-94 when the small/medium businesses that could afford it had already purchased IBM, HP or DEC mini-computers with ERP software. Those without mini-computers started to go Client/Server with UNIX and Windows. The large companies on mainframes wanted to get off the mainframe and wanted to go with UNIX running Windows. They didn’t know when and who they were going to select but they knew they were going to do it.

That is very similar to now when you have a lot of small to medium businesses going to the Cloud. They are going to Salesforce because for business application software that is the best and most well known cloud platform for a company to most likely find the business application software they need. All along, our strategy was to build the most robust product on the Salesforce platform and, now, this is the first year that we have seen large corporations who are saying that they have ongoing cloud initiatives.

As we all know, any company that does not have an ERP system is thinking Cloud. Large corporations that are running SAP and Oracle now have Cloud initiatives which typically mean a “carve out” or replacing some smaller plants that may not necessarily be wedded to SAP or Oracle but have on premise software like Mapics, BPICS, Epicor, Microsoft Great Plains or Navision.

These cloud ERP initiatives include –

  • First, looking at Salesforce and
  • Then, looking at the ERP software available on the Salesforce Cloud.

dreamforce-2As you know, we have the most robust ERP on the Salesforce platform and we have a strong product lead. There are very few companies that can say that they support a full ERP – end-to-end on the Salesforce Cloud. Other Cloud ERP providers don’t have a public ecosystem like Salesforce. They are not as attractive as the Salesforce cloud – especially if the large corporation already has Salesforce CRM or other Salesforce software and wants tight integration with it and their new ERP.

At our sold-out Rootstock party, I was pleased to thank everyone for coming, those from North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia as well as our employees and friends. It’s been a great year and I thought it was important to remind everyone that Rootstock has been in business since 2008. During the last 9 years we have spent a significant amount of time building a robust ERP product with many capabilities desired by manufacturing and distribution companies and really shot for this point in time as the market adoption is really starting to accelerate. We’ve taken a long ride building a big product for this point in time.

With all the Cloud initiatives now underway, you’ll see this market really take off, probably, in the next two years. We feel very good having the biggest application of ERP on the Salesforce platform. We’ve already brought our solution to over a hundred customers.

This is the start of a real wild ride.

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