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Manufacturers are Looking to the Cloud: Part 4

What to Consider When Looking for a Cloud ERP Solution

Regardless of which model you choose, there are important things your company must consider when shopping for a cloud solution such as cloud ERP.

  • Cloud computing enables speed, agility and innovation. You must move from the drawing board to deployment. Can your organization adapt?
  • Choose a cloud computing environment that’s right for your organization. Is a private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid cloud solution best for your company? Which vendors offer these solutions and will they be in business a year from now?
  • Security remains a critical factor in considering cloud ERP solutions. Are you ready to extend your enterprise security policy to the cloud?
  • Customization has always been an issue with ERP systems. Manufacturing firms must spend time determining how easy it is to customize and add enhancements to cloud ERP systems. Public cloud platforms such as Salesforce, offer significant advantages for IT departments, allowing them to easily provide their own customizations to the written natively on the public cloud platform.

Stay tuned for the Conclusion!

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