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Building an End-to-End True Cloud Solution

A salesperson wants to track a sales order after he closes an opportunity. A production controller wants to know what’s coming down the pipeline so he can plan capacity utilization. A manufacturing firm needs to be able to coordinate delivery of raw materials from multiple suppliers to multiple plants. There are many ERP vendors on the market that promise to deliver cloud-based solutions, but only a true cloud ERP solution like Rootstock built on the Salesforce platform and encompassing an ecosystem of integrated products can seamlessly handle these real-world manufacturing challenges.

Markets and supply chains are spread all over the world and consumers’ demands change rapidly, creating daily challenges for manufacturers of all sizes. Firms realize that they need an ERP solution that can accommodate any workflow, implement social collaboration, add new capabilities and quickly address changing requirements. Forward-thinking businesses are looking beyond the glib promises of hosted solutions and two-tier hybrid systems for comprehensive end-to-end enterprise management solutions that support the flow of people, processes and information. We call this ideal enterprise-wide system an end-to-end true cloud ERP solution and it connects ERP with customer relationship management (CRM), human resources management (HRM), financial management, document/knowledge management, and workflow management systems.

What is a True Cloud ERP Solution?

With Rootstock Software on the Salesforce platform, manufacturers can build an entire ecosystem of products that provide end-to-end coverage of the entire enterprise. Rootstock cloud ERP seamlessly integrates with Salesforce CRM (Sales Cloud) and Salesforce Service Cloud and other partner solutions to extend the ERP system to support many business processes – much more than the legacy ERP systems of the past and the hosted and hybrid ERP cloud solutions of the present.

This true cloud ERP solution provides many benefits to manufacturers:

  • Scalability
  • Shorter implementation times and regular updates that bring continuous improvement to end-users.
  • Reliable and experienced customer service.
  • No monolithic ERP suite to maintain or customize.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with applications on the Salesforce platform.
  • Accessibility from any web browser and any mobile device.
  • On-demand real-time access to critical business data and on-the-fly decision-making.
  • Improved efficiencies and productivity.
  • Reduced costs and faster ROI.
  • No on-premise system to configure, no hardware to maintain and upgrade, freeing IT resources to focus on innovation and differentiation.

The Salesforce Platform is the leading enterprise cloud platform and it makes the true cloud ERP solution possible. It touches every area of your business, from customers to front office to back office and operations to vendors and suppliers. It is secure, reliable and scalable.

While Salesforce has exhibited dramatic growth as a company, the Salesforce ecosystem of apps and app developers has also expanded. Software developers are constantly creating new apps to expand the reach of the platform and add to their customers’ experience. Integration with existing software is a big concern for manufacturers and more firms are looking to Salesforce for cloud-based ERP solutions that integrate with their existing Salesforce apps.

“Salesforce is famous for being a CRM, but it is also the first real application platform in the cloud you could trust your entire business to.” Stephen Simons, CIO of Direct Energy Solar

The Salesforce platform offers several key advantages to manufacturing firms.

  • Salesforce is an enterprise cloud platform, designed to store large amounts of sales lead and opportunity data, handle many users across many companies, and enable the development of many more applications.
  • Salesforce handles millions of users and scales as quickly as firms require. Its architecture easily allows web, application and database servers to be added to accommodate more users.
  • The Salesforce ecosystem provides a complete extensible operations platform. Its AppExchange marketplace offers more than 300 mobile-ready apps that cover everything from orders, usage tracking, live customer support, inventory control, quality control, general office administration, management reporting, finance, accounting and CRM.
  • Salesforce is stable and growing. It has experienced an 82% year-over- year growth in joint Salesforce/Partner revenue and a 400% increase in the number of customers who have installed five or more apps on the platform.
  • Security and reliability. Salesforce knows the importance of keeping data secure and has built a platform using a multi-layered approach, making data accessible and safe from potential threats.

Rootstock Cloud ERP

Salesforce’s cloud platform is ideal for manufacturers. Firms looking for a manufacturing ERP solution on Salesforce can look to Rootstock Software, a 100% native, full-scale ERP suite on Salesforce’s platform to help them plan and implement a true end-to-end cloud ERP solution for their enterprise. Rootstock enterprise apps share data and integrate seamlessly out of the box with other native apps like and other financial software, providing a complete enterprise cloud-computing solution.

The manufacturing heart of the true cloud ERP Solution is Rootstock. Rootstock for makes it possible for companies to manage manufacturing, distribution and supply chain operations anywhere in the world in real time. Rootstock on Salesforce lets manufacturers and distributors access a single system coordinate multiple sites and services with centralized visibility across global operations. Organizations can achieve greater insight into each step of the manufacturing, distribution and supply chain processes.

Rootstock lets firms seamlessly manage sales orders by converting customer quotes into product orders, and generate orders for suppliers using purchase order management modules. There are cloud ERP modules for production engineering, inventory management, lot and serial control, scheduling and capacity planning, and shop floor control. Material requirements planning (MRP) helps companies plan what to buy/make in time to build products. Manufacturing cost control and project control modules give companies finer control over costs.

Here are a few key benefits that manufacturers enjoy with Rootstock:

  • Rootstock ERP is built by industry experts. Many software vendors promise a cloud-based manufacturing ERP solution but fail to deliver, presenting potential clients with PowerPoint sales pitches but lacking the industry background to ask the right questions and offer the right solutions. Rootstock cloud ERP solutions were built specifically for manufacturing firms by manufacturing industry experts, which means ease of use, no clumsy interface and features that meet the exact needs of manufacturing firms.
  • Rootstock ERP grows with your company. Whether you’re small and medium-sized manufacturer or a large firm, Rootstock cloud ERP software is designed for firms of any size and will grow with you.
  • Rootstock ERP is 100% Salesforce Native. Because Rootstock is 100% native to the Salesforce platform, it can leverage the dynamic features of Salesforce to provide end users with robust ERP applications that are accessible, scalable and secure. Rootstock enterprise apps share data and integrate seamlessly out of the box with other native apps like and other financial software, providing a complete enterprise cloud-computing solution. These integrations give manufacturers a complete and flexible solution, offering shorter implementations, lower costs and the ability to be more responsive to changing customer needs.
  • World-class support. Rootstock provides industry leading implementation and support services to ensure our customers’ success, today and into the future. Rootstock has international representation, so we can support customers around the world and around the clock.

“We looked through every single one of the ERP vendors on Salesforce, and none of them came close to Rootstock on experience, on feature set, on their ability to deliver in a timely fashion.” Stephen Simons, CIO of Direct Energy Solar

True Cloud ERP Solution

The true cloud ERP solution was demonstrated at the Manufacturing ISV Cloud Summit in Chicago, where Salesforce and four partners highlighted how manufacturers can build an entire ecosystem of products on the Salesforce Cloud Platform. They combined Salesforce CRM (Sales Cloud) and Salesforce Service Cloud, Rootstock ERP and other partner solutions that, when seamlessly integrated, extended the ERP system to support many business processes.

This is the key the true cloud ERP solution – the ability to integrate the different departments, functions and data in a manufacturing firm into an end-to-end, front-to-back enterprise solution, covering everything from manufacturing and distribution to sales, financial, human resource knowledge and workflow management.

Rootstock is dedicated to providing a better and more reliable way to plan and execute required activities, deliver essential information to all parts of an organization, and improve timely and informed business decision-making. The true cloud ERP solution based on Rootstock on Salesforce give manufacturers and distributors the control and visibility they need, empower them to elevate the total performance of their manufacturing, distribution and supply chain operations, and improve the efficiency and business decisions across the entire enterprise.

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