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The Expanding Salesforce Ecosystem & Cloud ERP: Part 3

The Expanding Salesforce Ecosystem & Cloud ERP: Part 3

The Perfect Platform for Cloud ERP Systems Manufacturing firms, in particular, are facing change as never before. With markets and supply chains spread over the world and consumers’ demands changing rapidly, manufacturers have realized that they need an ERP solution that can accommodate any workflow, implement social collaboration, add new capabilities and quickly address changing requirements. Manufacturers who have moved to cloud ERP have found that their ability to access big data on demand, gain important business intelligence and use this information to coordinate and collaborate with every department at every step in the supply chain has helped them stay ahead of the competition. As the leading cloud platform, Salesforce provides a stable and growing cloud ecosystem for manufacturers looking for cloud-based ERP solutions. Salesforce has, in fact, become the perfect platform for cloud ERP. Rootstock Software is one of these cloud ERP providers. Their cloud ERP system is designed specifically for the Salesforce ecosystem and is 100 percent native to that platform, which means that their software runs 100 percent within Salesforce. Rootstock’s solutions support multiple companies, multiple divisions and multiple sites, all within a single tenant on the Salesforce platform. This is exactly the kind of stability and […]

The Expanding Salesforce Ecosystem & Cloud ERP: Part 2

The Growth of Salesforce One of the best-known cloud ecosystems is Salesforce. Salesforce Inc. is a global cloud computing company originally known for its CRM product. Forbes magazine ranked it the most innovative company in America every year since 2011 and Fortune ranked it 19th in their 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2013. Salesforce expanded its offerings from just CRM to become a popular cloud platform and, in the process, has become the envy of many other companies. Salesforce’s cloud platform has grown to support nearly every part of a business, from sales to manufacturing. In fact, the Salesforce ecosystem has become a kind of industry in and of itself; software developers are constantly creating new apps for the platform to expand the reach of the platform and add to their customers’ experience. How fast has Salesforce grown? They have experienced a 68 percent growth in their Partner Program, an 82 percent year-over-year growth in joint Salesforce/Partner revenue, 71 percent of their customers have installed at least one app, and 23 percent of their customers have installed five or more apps on the platform, a 400 percent increase over five years. As Salesforce has grown, so has the […]

The Expanding Salesforce Ecosystem & Cloud ERP: Part 1

The Cloud is here and is not going away. With the rapid growth of the Salesforce ecosystem, more and more companies are considering independent software vendors’ cloud applications for that platform. This also applies to those companies looking for cloud-based ERP solutions. Many companies that have their CRM and other software on that platform are now considering an ERP written on Salesforce. Rootstock Software for manufacturing ERP is one such product, whereby the company can leverage their investment in the Salesforce platform and integrate their ERP seamlessly with their other Salesforce cloud apps. The Cloud, the Cloud Ecosystem and Cloud ERP Before the advent of the cloud, business applications were limited to very complicated and expensive systems. These systems required enormous hardware and software resources to run them, as well as large IT departments to handle installation, configuration, testing and maintenance. Larger companies that are still using these older systems are getting increasingly frustrated by their inefficiencies and maintenance costs. Also, they are not contemporary. For example, they are not getting access to big data and business intelligence that are needed to compete in today’s demanding global markets. The arrival of cloud computing has changed the business application landscape for […]