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Cloud Computing is changing the face of software.


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Salesforce has created a budding ecosystem full of apps for every aspect of your business and thanks to Rootstock, there is now a 100% native, full scale Salesforce ERP. By leveraging the dynamic features of Salesforce, Rootstock is able to provide its end users with robust ERP modules that are scalable, accessible, and secure. Rootstock's Modules also integrate seamlessly with Salesforce's CRM system and various financial product offerings. ERP for Salesforce is possible - and it's here.

Cloud Computing isn't just a 'trending' term - it's the reality of the future. Companies from a wide variety of industries are looking to the cloud for their software solutions. From CRM to Accounting and now to ERP - The Cloud offers well developed, dynamic, feature-rich programs. ERP for Salesforce powered by Rootstock is the solution for those companies looking for cloud ERP with traditional functionality and modern features.

Download "2021 Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide "

The 2021 Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide is full of tips and resources to streamline your ERP evaluation process. You also get a Cloud ERP features and functions checklist that will help you determine which vendor has the best capabilities in the areas that matter most.

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